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Can BSS match search results against category names?

posted this on 22 October 2013, 10:24

NOTE: This feature is available with Version



This feature will match search results against category names, more exactly, if a category name is matched to the search term used, all products that belong to that category will be included in search results.

A search term that matches a category name will match all products that belong to that category and all it's child sub-categories.



This feature is enabled by default in Better Store Search.

General Configuration

To enable/disable please go to Better Store Search Engine configuration section and look for the setting outlined in the image below:



Attribute Weight Modifier

Administrators also have the possibility to add an attribute weight modifier for the category name attribute, more exactly push the results upper in the search results list if a product's category name matches the search term. 

To understand this, please set Better Store Search configuration section > Developers > Enable Profiler to Yes.

1. Configuration

By simply changing the attribute weight modifiers for category name in config section, all products that are matched by category name will have their ranking increased with that value.



2. Front-end

First let's see what results we get if the feature is disabled in Admin:



Now, let's check how this looks with option turned on but with default attribute weight modifier, which is 1:



New rankings after applying a custom attribute weight modifier: