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Can I add a Manual Category Weight Modifier?

posted this on 22 October 2013, 10:42

NOTE: This feature is available with version

Manual category weight modifier

Using an attribute weight modifier will apply the weight to all products that are matched by category name attribute. If you check previous images, you'll notice that although the weight was applied this had no final effect because all products were matched by category name (of course, this is a specific scenario that will rarely happen), so the total ranking wasn't affected.

For more flexibility and because manual product weight modifiers is recommended to not be applied for too many products because of performance reasons (we recommend a max. of 10000 products), we implemented manual category weight modifier.

This feature is great because now you can easily create a hidden category to which you can assign products that are on sale, for example, and push these at the top of search results, hence greatly increasing sales on those items.

Let's see this in action:

1. Configuration

Create a hidden category and assign some products:



2. Front-end

Now, if you repeat the search using term furniture, you'll notice that last 2 products from the last image in previous section are actually 2nd and 3rd products in the search results. By simply using a proper weight modifier these can be pushed as first ones, of course.